we integrate &
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we streamline ecommerce

Our flagship software product is called Cascade. The ultimate all in one solution for trading online Cascade makes trading on Amazon, eBay, Play and your own ecommerce website as simple as logging in to one user interface; ours. Integrate multiple marketplaces and streamline processes including order management, refunds, order cancellations, stock synchronisation across multiple channels, automated listing creation, dynamic re-pricing and warehousing. Cascade makes your online business more efficient.

we empower you to sell more, anywhere

We’ve worked with some of the highest volume sellers accross multiple channels in the UK and continue to streamline their operations and save them a huge amount of money through our ultra efficient warehousing, stock management and fulfillment systems. We custom build integrations between any number of third party systems to produce the most effective solutions for our clients throughout the world (but if you’re interested, we’re based in Leeds).

we create & envigorate brands

Stylish design and a consistent brand are key in increasing confidence of a customer and persuading them to complete a purchase on an ecommerce website. So is functionality, and as such a good user experience is also an integral part of the design process when we create ecommerce websites. We design & build beautiful ecommerce websites in-house that work; Carefully thought through and optimised to ensure you maximise sales.

we develop bespoke software solutions

Giant Systems have a strong background in a wide range of website design and development services, although we specialise in the ecommerce side of things. Our hardware and personnel infrastructure allows us to provide clients with an unparalleled service level, uptime guarantees and also confidence in relation to security, data backup and disaster recovery procedures. Our account management team has a vast amount of experience managing a wide range of ecommerce and other web design projects to highly successful conclusions.

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